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4.4* and +1M downloads

Embark on an epic journey in Hexapolis, a 4x fantasy turn-based strategy game inspired by Civilization. As the longest ongoing developed project by our studio, Hexapolis boasts a thriving and dedicated player base. Lead your civilization to greatness through exploration, expansion, exploitation, and extermination, crafting your own unique path to victory in a magical, ever-evolving world.

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Tanks Arena
4.7* and +1M downloads

Dive into the explosive world of Tanks Arena, an action-packed game featuring vibrant cartoon tanks. Build your own custom tank from the ground up, exploring diverse landscapes to discover new parts and upgrades. Test your mettle by challenging others in intense championship battles, and prove you have what it takes to dominate the arena!

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Age Of Tanks
4.9* and +500K downloads

Experience the thrill of Age Of Tanks, an action tower defense game with charming cartoon tanks. Travel through various timelines, diving into history and battling across different eras. Inspired by the legendary Age Of War, this game challenges you to explore new timelines, defend your base, and achieve victory across all ages. Unleash your strategic prowess and become a historical hero!

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4.5* and +100M downloads

Join the fun in Mergers, one of our core franchises with over 100 million downloads. In this addictive game, you can merge everything from pizzas to tanks, creating more powerful and exciting items. Merge your way up to higher levels and discover endless possibilities. It's time to unleash your creativity and become a merging master!

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Puppet sports
4.1* and +100M downloads

Step into the world of Puppet Sports, where you can enjoy every sport from football to tennis with legendary graphics. This game marked our studio's journey into the big league, captivating over 10 million players worldwide. Join the fun, compete in various sports, and experience the charm that started it all!

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Robot Master
4.5* and +10M downloads

Unleash your creativity in Robot Master, the newest merge game from our studio. Create an unstoppable army of transforming robots and engage in thrilling battles. Merge, upgrade, and strategize to defeat powerful bosses and become the ultimate Robot Master!

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Mage Legends
4.5* and +500K downloads

Dive into Mage Legends, one of the few RPG titles in our portfolio. This top-down action dungeon crawler lets you explore over a dozen unique worlds, slay hordes of monstrous foes, and uncover legendary equipment. Embark on an epic adventure and become the ultimate mage in this thrilling quest!

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Shadow deck
4.2* and +1M downloads

Enter the world of Shadow Deck, the most mature of our card games. Enjoy beautiful illustrations and join our longest-running community. Build your ultimate deck, strategize, and compete with players worldwide in this deeply immersive card game experience.

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Car Race
5* and +500K downloads

Get behind the wheel in Car Race, our only racing game. Compete against dozens of racers on thrilling and diverse tracks. Explore new and exciting race courses, and collect all the cards to enhance your racing experience. Ready, set, race!

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