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With 150+ successful titles since 2005, we're dedicated to crafting awesome gaming experiences. From simple FLASH games to complex 4X turn-based strategies, from simple flat 2D world to flashy 3D worlds, from kid's games to proper hardcore games!

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NOXGAMES history

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Becherovka Game 2005 (3rd place)


After creating a few initial prototypes in the Flash genre, we decided to participate in the competition, even though we were developing games with just two people. Our first participation in the Becherovka Game 2005 ended with third place with our game "Becheryba" in the Flash games category.

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Becherovka Game 2007 (3rd place)


Having already completed a few games, we decided to enter the competition again, still as a two-person team. This time, we submitted three Flash games, and one of them, "Drunken Rabbit," again secured third place. Some minor celebrities were present at the award ceremony.

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Becherovka Game 2009 (1st place)


This year, my brother and I decided to participate in the competition again, which was held for the last time and only had a Flash category. We won this category, and our game "Green Archer" took first place. We were supposed to win a cash prize that would have significantly helped us in development, but the organizers changed the prize to nearly 60 bottles of Becherovka.

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1st mobile game


This year was a turning point for us, as we moved from Flash games to mobile games. We released our first successful game, "Puppet Soccer 2014," which gained popularity on Android, iOS, and the web. Our team grew to three members, strengthened by a programmer who is now our CTO. Developing games for phones was challenging for us since we didn't even have a touchscreen phone ourselves, so we had to purchase some.

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Article in LEVEL magazine


We were featured in the popular gaming magazine LEVEL, where we had a four-page spread about us, our game development, and our popular "Puppet Sports" franchise (soccer, hockey, tennis). This year, we also expanded our team to four people. Additionally, Jirka gave his first speech at the GameDev Area meetup.

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Puppet Soccer in Brazil fanzone


"Puppet Soccer" became so popular that it was featured at the Czech national house during the 2016 Olympics in Rio, where visitors could play it. This year, our team also grew to five people.

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Reboot Develop 2018 team


We managed to attend the international gaming conference "Reboot Develop 2018" with our entire team. Our development team had already grown to eight people.

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Game Access 2019 team


This year, we attended the Game Access gaming conference in Brno with our entire team. Our team expanded to 14 people. We also added the Merger franchise to our game portfolio.

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Article in Metro news


An interesting article about our "toilet games" was published. Our team grew to 16 people.

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This year, we achieved a significant milestone with 100,000,000 downloads. Our team expanded to 19 people.

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NOXGAMES birthday party team


This year, we experienced rapid growth and expanded to 29 people.

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Google conference in Cyprus


We became regular attendees of Google conferences and rounded out our team to 30 people. We were also sponsors of the Game Access conference in Brno, where visitors could buy NOXGAMES cups.

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Volunteer t-shirt for Game Access 2024


This year, we are proud to sponsor the volunteer t-shirts for the Game Access conference. Our team is continually growing, and we anticipate further expansion, especially once we move to our beautiful new office in the heart of Brno.

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