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NOXGAMES is an indie game development team focused on creating great, funny games. With 150+ successful titles since 2005, we're dedicated to crafting awesome gaming experiences.


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We have consistently delivered a diverse lineup of game titles
Strategy Games

Dive into the world of strategic thinking with our captivating strategy mobile games.

Hypercasual Games

Experience the perfect blend of simplicity and endless fun with our hypercasual mobile games.

RPG Games

Embark on epic quests and forge your own legendary path with our immersive RPG mobile games.

Card Games

Shuffle the deck and engage in thrilling card battles with our captivating card games.

Google Play

Discover a world of Noxgames endless gaming possibilities on Google Play. With a vast collection of mobile games spanning various genres, you'll find something to suit every gaming preference.

App Store

Immerse yourself in a vast selection of Noxgames top games meticulously curated to provide the ultimate gaming experience. From addictive puzzle games that test your problem-solving skills to RPG titles.


Meet our team

Every employee makes an important contribution to our collective growth. Together we can do wonders.



Our team

Creative Team

Join us on our exciting game journey as we continue to create outstanding games that bring joy and laughter to gamers worldwide. With NOXGAMES, expect endless fun, unforgettable adventures, and a gaming experience like no other.


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