NoxType: Retro Space Shooter

About NoxType: Retro Space Shooter

NoxType: Retro Space Shooter

Oldschool space shooter with epic bosses in every level and hard difficulty.

Choose your battle ship and travel to deep space. Shoot all enemies in this old school SHMUP game! Avoid all the enemy bullet hell and and collect the money from destroyed enemies.

Buy new ships and upgrades in your command center, it will make your game easier. Upgrade your health and you will survive more impacts, upgrade shield and it will regenerate much faster. Magnet will attract coins for longer distance.

Game features:
– 5 different space ships
– 10 unique levels, every one with new boss in the end and enemies with own AI
– upgrades for your ship – speed, money magnet, hull, shield
– amazing art
– special superweapons – sonic blast, laser, homing rockets, bullets
– achievements and highscores

Travel through the asteroid fields, destroy enemy turret defense, avoid homing missiles. Collect power ups with new special weapons.

Created by NOXGAMES 2015

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