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2048 Epic Story- Number Puzzle

The best variation 2048 game concept – True challenge for your intelligence

2048 Epic Story is the best variation of the threes number puzzle concept. True challenge for your intelligence and your brain synapse.
Enjoy over hundred unique hand crafted levels with special game elements. Are you smart enough thinker or scholar to beat this ascendant sophisticated puzzles?

1) Swipe to move the tiles
2) Merge tiles with same numbers
3) Collect stars to unlock new levels
4) Create ascendant serie of tiles

Game features:
– unique levels
– special game elements
– 48 levels, every level set with new game feature, generators, portals, walls
– new set of 12 levels added every week
– savegame, highscores
– best 2048 game from NOXGAMES, creators of Puppet Soccer 2014
– clear UI, no distracting elements

You don’t need to be thinker or scholar to beat this 2048 number puzzle. Don’t get distracted and use your common sense to win all stars. Every single star allows you to play next level, first four levels are opened from the level 1, rest is avalilable after getting enough stars. Will you beat the scholar score?

Level series of 2048 Epic Story
1) Standard basic levels, unique mix of hand crafted levels. Various shapes of gamefield with ascendant difficulty
2) Wall levels – pack of levels filled with wall obstacles between tiles. Keep playing slowly as scholar because the walls can be tricky
3) Generator levels – quickly filled set of levels. Every generator creates new tile if there is free space around it. You need to be fast thinker to win
4) Portal levels with teleports. Move tiles through the portals, this pack can be distracting because of unexpected moves.
5) New levels coming in regular updates, just like Puppet Soccer

Stretch your neuron synapse in this amazing puzzle from NOXGAMES!

Unexpected twist is added to game with every new level serie. Every level is a new challenge.

You will face new challenges all the time and you will enjoy hours of thinker fun.

Game tips:
– try to make ascending/descending number sequence
– watch out in generator levels, they are filled very quickly
– take your time to think
– use portals as advantage, you can even merge tiles through portal
– you can continue playing even if you get three stars
– click on noxgames logo and find out new tips and tricks on our facebook page
– every set o levels has ascendant difficulty to stretch your brain synapse

Created by NOXGAMES 2014

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