Another new game created by our great developers from NOXGAMES – MAGE HERO !!! This game is an ARPG, where you can easily lose track of time. Currently, the game is only available on Google play, but in the future it should also be available to iOS users.

Every battle is challenge! Every world is full of surprises!

If you have like action games full of magic and spells, you shouldn’t miss this game. Seriously. You become a magic hero, who travel and fight across different epic worlds . Just entrance to worlds like Magic Forest, Ari Desert or powerful Brund Hell and experience an adventure full of surprises an great graphics.  

You will meet here o lot of different enemies, which just want to kill you. Each location have specific enemies. Controlling of this game is quite simply. You just have to use joystick for moving. When you stop, your hero start firing a huge volley of spells that no enemy can withstand. You have to be fast and try to avoid the attacks of your enemies. Some enemies just stand and guard their positions, others are more insidious and running for you and trying to kill you.

With each new round you successfully completed, you gain unique abilities and weapons that make you stronger. Also you will get coins and diamonds for which you can improve your hero. With more wealth you have more possibilities.  You can gain a lot of talents that make you unique and with stardust you can improve your character and get rare equipment.

In game you can find out unique maps, secrets books or lucky wheel.

Our team are still working on this game and try make it better every each day. They are preparing for example new spells, reworked inventory full of new equipment or stronger opponents. There will be also village full of mysterious dwelling which will give you extraordinary bonuses.  You definitely have to looking forward for this game!

 Magic Hero can be only one. Is it going to be you??

Have fun! 🙂


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