TINY Totem Tamp

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TINY Totem Tamp

Tap on Tiny Totems and blast them in one big chain reacion. There is chaos and panic in Totems’s Kingdom: can you restore happiness and save the beloved King?!

Tiny Totems is brand new chain reaction puzzle from popular NOXGAMES studio. Prepare the tropical jungle field, use special weapons and trigger the ultimate chain reactions.

Travel to ancient jungle in mayan forest and clear it from the hostile totems. Tap on the black lava totems to destroy them and trigger chain reaction. You can finish every level with just one chain reaction to aquire Aztec Gold Totem. Smaller totems need more hits to explode.

Game features – Lots of levels- 1000+ with 6×6 field – 4 Different worlds with beautiful NOXGAMES art – Fresh Forest, Frost Meadow, Candy field, Lava Lake and more worlds will be added in future – Use superweapons – Noxik bomb, Monolith chain lightning, Mayan Nuke – Best solution is available if you got stuck – Improves memory and logical skills


Create by NOXGAMES

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