Puppet football clicker

About Puppet football clicker

Pupet football clicker

Click&Kick the football to achieve billions of balls.

Unlock tons of new content.

Steal all balls that ever existed in our universe… travel to distant galaxies and collect long forgotten balls …explore essential ways of football history with new friends from the globe … Something was always hidden behind the game, explore the dark side of the ball, meet with new species and win the match! … Prepare your fingers for hours of fun and tons of content in this brand new sports game.

Lots of unique clicking features bring brand new experience to this genre – try to rotate the ball, boost boots with increased power, unlock new special power ups to get more balls quicker.

Unique game features:
★ Multiple finger clicking
★ Automatic kicking boots
★ Tons of ingame items – hours of fun
★ Football hand puppets as upgrades
★ Ball rotation to increase income
★ Funny big head marionettes from noxgames

Can you kick the football like Pirlo, Giroud, Fellaini or Puyol? It is all in your hands. Rotate the ball to put it on fire like when Nakata or Lampard dribble. Keep clicking or let some automatic boots earn you more balls.

Need a help with income, simply buy some more hand puppets to do the hard work for you. Imagine Tevez or Modric kicking the ball for you as a coach. Marionette friends can boost your income extremely.
If you play well you can get special lightning bonuses and encounter evil red balls.

If you like this game, you can look forward to our future version with pigskin, volleyball or basketball.
Updated for family and kids

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Created by NOXGAMES

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