Merge Tanks 2

About Merge Tanks 2

Merge Tanks 2: KV-44 Tank War

Play, merge and explore amazing military vehicles. Easy to play game.


Meet the most addictive game Merge Tanks 2! Explore the world of cartoons about tanks! Can you get to the most epic tank Gerand and kv-44? Discover all battle vehicles and become the best General in war zone. All army lovers are welcome. Create and play now!

Build better war machines by merging and earning more money. Become the world’s best Tanker! Take on the challenge and create the most powerful army of war machines. Everyone will be jealous about your great collection of funny cartoon machinery.

You’re unlikely to get bored. No battle vehicle is the same. Enter a world of tanks and learn the rules of battle in this tank transformer game. The best thing about this game is creating new extraordinary models by merging the same old tanks. Who wouldn’t love surprise like that? Every player can’t wait what model will be the next one. Scary Leviathan or cute Spider model? Unlock unforgetable world of tanks and many worlds of fun.

Created by NOXGAMES


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