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About Merge Apocalypse

Do you want to know how it looks in the wastelands of desert dystopia? Step into a post-apocalyptic world of fury cars modified to survive the wasteland madness. Start building your own arsenal of mad cars and become the true road warrior. Fury road awaits for you!

You start with a low level car and your goal is to expand your arsenal and collect every apocalypse car. Merge two of the same car to unlock new and better cars to make your chances to survive the desert dystopia higher! The more cars you have, the more money you make! So keep expanding your car collection because in this world every coin counts! Car evolution is the only way to win. Can you get the most epic „madcar“ ?

These cars can handle only a true renegade used to drive the fury road! They’re equipped with spikes, war rigs and armor from twisted metal. They’re prepared to keep you save even on the off road of fury wasteland.

Merge Apocalypse Features:
▶ Idle money making to earn cash even while you’re not playing
▶ Easy and intuitive to play
▶ Merge two fury cars of the same level to get a higher level car
▶ 50+ unique mad cars ready to help you survive the madness
▶ Earn rewards, expand and survive
▶ Play events and get more rewards
▶ Typical car merger with off road cars
▶ Addictive relaxing game
▶ Have fun playing apocalyptic idle clicker tycoon game

Take control of your own car arsenal and don’t forget to unlock more car parking slots. Then you can buy more cars, merge them and make more money! Open all mystery boxes, there are new mad cars in them. And what is the best moment in the game? It is the moment of surprise when you unlock new fury cars. When you merge all cars you can try to merge something different – battle cars, neon cars or tanks. So, what you are waiting for?

Desert riders from all over the post-apocalyptic world are challenging you to join them in the madcar race on the chaos road!

Play Merge Apocalypse and begin your wasteland adventure now!

Created by Noxgames 2022


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