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CARD CRUSHERS – battle game TCG

Install hero RPG game and enjoy magic clash of card legends TCG! ★★★★★


New Free online Card game is here – Follower of Dark Deck Dragon. Easy to play and deep in strategy options. Collect all cards, build your best hero deck and begin your disenchant epic adventure. 

Start and become owner of famous heroes. Defeat bosses and loot treasures in campaign and PvP online Arena. Come regulary co complete daily quests to get extra rewards. Upgrade and forge better cards and imbue them with tokens. Evolved heroes with special abilities that can help you – heal your team, increase damage or armor. 



★ Collectible card game with more than 100 unique heroes

★ Well balanced strategy campaign with great rewards

★ Online PvP arena with global crushers rankings 

★ Upgrade and Forge cards or disenchant them

★ Daily login bonus and daily quests 

★ Beautiful original hand-painted art



Try to build optimal deck from common cards up to legendary gold. Cards and tokens are rewarded in PvP arena and in campaign. Deck building game where you need to imbue tokens wisely to improve your might. Upgrade your skills in this deck building game and change your strategy to crush your opponents. Evolve epic and rare cards to higher tiers. Enchant and disenchant your loot for magical dust useable for forge and imbue.



Defeat enemies in single player campaign and get new legendary cards, powerful tokens and disenchant dust. Every campaign contains special reward chests.



Fight in PvP arena to get to the top position and unlock new heroes. Come every day to win daily tournaments to get free cards.



★ Compete in PvP arena to unlock new crushers

★ Forge and evolve basic hero into the epic and legendary tier

★ Complete daily quests and visit arena regularly for extra gems and coins

★ Combine with taunt ability heroes with offensive in this deck building game

★ Disenchant cards to get magic crushers dust


Enjoy some fun – Build your tgc deck full of heroes, collect epic cards and crush your enemies!

Created by NOXPLAY 


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Discover new heroic cards with every other new game!

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